Amenity: Refrigerator

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V.I.P Rooms

The most spacious room you will ever see in our hotel.[best hotels in owerri] It is about three times the size of the standard room and has a lounge and bar area, dining area, large screen TVs, and a luxurious bathroom with a stand-up shower.

Deluxe-Special Rooms

The Deluxe-special room is another city-view suite that comes with exquisite design and finishing.[best hotels in owerri] It has extra space for relaxation and comfort. It also comes with a walk-in bathroom and shower. If you’re looking for a view that encompasses the city’s outskirts, this room is for you.

Double Deluxe Rooms

The Double Deluxe room is our main room with all of the comfort and design in one. [best hotels in Owerri and their prices] With its nice bathroom and shower, separate sitting area for relaxation or meeting, and a view of the city, this is a self-contained room for anyone requiring extra space.

Deluxe Rooms

The Alcove Suite is where design meets luxury. With warm and careful furnishing all throughout the room, you will feel nothing but fulfilled staying in this room. It also comes with a separate bathroom and shower, and a city view that’s unforgettable.

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Standard Rooms

The Standard room is one of the most affordable rooms in our hotel. This doesn’t mean it’s not equipped with all the necessities a luxury room should have. Everything in this room was specially selected to make it stand out from the other rooms. Your stay in this room is guaranteed to have you coming back.